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Aspiring Actors/Actress Who Are Harry Potter Fans
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A.A.W.A.H.P.F. is a community dedicated to people who are fans of
Harry Potter and who wish to someday be an actor or actress.
Here you can discuss Harry Potter, Auditions, Movie Reviews,
and Post Photos of any show you have been in.
PLEASE stay on topic and follow the rules.
Hope you join!!

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*Movie Reviews (must be under lj-cut)
*Book Reviews (must be under lj-cut)
*Fanfiction (must be under lj-cut)
*Fanart (must be under lj-cut)
*Icons and etc.
*Any theories about the unreleased books must be clearly labelled so (must be under lj-cut)
*If you have spoilers, post them in your own journal, then link to it with clear labels

If a rule isn't followed you will be politely asked to make the necessary changes to your post. You have 24 hrs to fix it. If in those 24 hrs you haven't, your post will be deleted. note: Any posts made before Friday, August 13 2004 will not be subjected to these rules.

The moderators for this group are kawaiiurania & ur_hed_a_splode

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